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Staking Survey


Most of a surveyors work in modern times is done on paper since most property lines in our area have already been established. Most people are surprised to find that a great majority of our time is spent in our office. That being said, there are certain needs that require that we physically "Stake Out" a piece of property, such as the installation of a fence, or if someone would like to do some clearing of trees or brush etc. Be it 1 single corner, a single line, a portion of a line, or an entire parcel, once we are mathematically "Tied In", we can stake anything. The method we commonly use to do this is the iron pins. There are times when a more substantial means is required and large concrete monuments can be installed. This is usually reserved for what we call "control", points that are inserted in the ground at major points on a map, such as Points of Curvature (P.C.) or angle points in the road. These are generally installed when Subdivisions are created. It is extremely rare that a home owner would install concrete monuments today, the iron pin is the common preferable method and will last far beyond your life time.While some surveyors still use wood stakes, the method we use to do this is with iron pins.

Another staking service we provide is to stake (pin) concrete foundation footings for Contractors.

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