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A-2/ Zoning Location Survey


Commonly referred to as an “A-2” Survey. The term "A-2" is technically a standard of accuracy (all of our work here is of high A-2 standards), this survey is actually a Zoning Location Survey. This is the most common today, of all types of surveys that we perform, as it assists you in acquiring a building permit. It is a document required for such things as small additions to brand new houses and more. This survey, depicts your property and its improvements in regards to zoning matters. It gives you a look into your property from a standpoint of what potential you may have, any possibilities you may have for expansion and even possible subdivision questions can be answered. Though it generally depicts improvements to your property in regards to zoning matters, this is not to say that when we perform a Zoning Location Survey, that we cannot depict locations of fences, trees, specific items of interests, possible encroachments (by your neighbors or yourself), or anything that resides on your property that the town zoning department may have no interest in, but you may. Basically, you are getting a package of information regarding your residence and it’s position on your property, any other structures, their distances to your front, side & rear property lines, your coverage and or items specific to the town regulations. Most towns have a "Zoning Regulation Grid", a list of information that varies from town to town and zone to zone within your town. "Grids" are comprised of information that only a Land Surveyor is qualified to fill out. This allows the town to see what exactly your situation is on your property, before they can approve a permit for you to make alterations; additions, expansions, etc. This "Grid" (setbacks, square footage, coverage etc.) has 4 separate columns; Requirements, Existing Conditions, Proposed Conditions & "As-Built" Conditions. The "Final As-Built" is the final phase where the town gets to see all the information they need to see how ("As") your project was "Built". Once everything has been deemed acceptable in regards to zoning matters, you then get a Certificate of Occupancy  (C.O.) and the "Book is closed" on this project.


Certain towns require additional information, for example; topography included in the A-2 Zoning Location Survey. This is additional elevation (vertical) information. See “Topographic Map”.

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